macOS Catalina

Holy mouse buttons folks! Yesterday I mentioned the new macOS version Catalina from the Apple Keynote. During the presentation some of the major features of Catalina were mentioned, but there was not a ton of detail

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Apple Keynote

I don’t know if you watched the Apple keynote or not, but Apple has some phenomenal announcements. The new Watch, TV and iOS are going to be great. What really impressed me was the new iPadOS written specifically for iPad and the new Mac Pro

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Using Command ⌘ Tab

The macOS has several handy features one of which is *Command ⌘ + Tab*. The Command + Tab action will produce a rather large list of your open Apps on your Mac display. Then you can scroll through the list to bring one of the Apps to the front.

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Making FaceTime Calls

FaceTime Audio & Video calling has been around quite a while on the iPhone and then the Mac. Apple has improved it some over the years. I use it on occasion to talk to family around the country, but I am by no means a heavy FaceTime user.

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