Tap Back Screenshots In iOS

Occasionally, I take screenshots on my iPhone. To be honest, it is a hassle to press a series of buttons on the phone to get the picture. However, there is an easier way to set up your iPhone to do screenshots or almost any other function using the Back Tap feature.

Back Tap

The Back Tap feature was instituted in iOS 14. The Back Tap feature works when you tap the back of your iPhone to activate a specific function. It is easy to set up, here is how you do that.

Of course, you set up Back Tap in the Accessibility Settings area.

In the next window, tap on “Touch”.

Then, scroll down to the “Back Tap” setting.

Make sure Back Tap is “On”. If it is not turned on, then toggle the slider. Just tap on Back Tap to get to its settings.

To change the Double Tap setting from Control Center to Screenshot (or whatever you wish), just tap on it. This produces a dropdown list of choices.

Just tap on the process you prefer and then go back to the previous screen.

When you do that, you are all set. Now, to take a screenshot, all you have to do is double-tap the back of your iPhone.

The screenshot sits at the bottom of the screen for a bit and then goes into the Photos App.


If you take screenshots in your iPhone, then it is worth your time to set up Back Tap. It is so much easier to use than pressing a combination of buttons.