The Mac App Store Lives!

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In one of my previous articles I mentioned my troubles with the Mac App Store in macOS 10.14.4. Well, it looks like that is fixed in macOS 10.14.5. All seems to be working properly. Here is what that looks like.

App Store Behaving

You can set the Mac App Store to update manually or automatically. I don’t mind automatic as long as I know everything is working. Here is what the App Store should look like if it is working properly and is set to Automatic Updates:

Mac App Store Updates
Mac App Store Updates

When you click on “Updates” you should see Apps that have been updated recently. If you turn off Automatic Updates then there would be a few Apps waiting for you to update them manually. Either way, this is very encouraging for me.

Just a FYI you can set the Automatic Updates feature in the App Store Preferences area:

App Store Preferences
App Store Preferences

I think I will leave it on Automatic now that I know all is well.


I suppose your mileage will vary on this, but as far as I can tell the App Store is fixed and all is well in Apple Land.

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