Time Sensitive Notifications

I have covered the macOS Notifications Focus features a lot lately. There is one more thing I want to mention in this area, and that is “Time Sensitive Notifications”. Focus Mode is helpful, but how do “Time Sensitive Notifications” work?

Time Sensitive Notifications

I use the Focus Mode feature in moderation, but it still is useful to me. Within the Focus set up, I do use Time Sensitive Notifications. Here is a good definition of Time Sensitive Notifications.

Time-sensitive notifications work by notifying you when a pressing event is coming up, something you would not want to miss. They break through whatever Focus profile you may be using and deliver the notifications promptly. To make Time-sensitive notifications work, developers are required to recode their applications, teaching them to invoke the new priority class when needed.

You set up Time Sensitive Notifications in the Notifications & Focus Preference Pane. Once in this area, just click on the Focus tab.

This setting presupposes you have some type of Focus set up already. In this window, click on the Options button.

You will see a popup window with two choices. The first one is to “Allow time sensitive notifications”.

I think this is a good idea, so I checked the box to allow this.

There is another choice to allow calls from people, but I left that set to “off”. If you allow everything, then you are defeating the purpose of Time Sensitive Notifications.


If you use Focus Mode, then allowing Time Sensitive Notifications is a nice compromise with daily activities. If you allow Time Sensitive Notifications on your Mac, you should set up your iPhone or iPad the same.