Turn Off Mac Auto-Capitalization

The macOS has some helpful features when working with text. Many of these features are set to apply automatically. One of these is Auto-Capitalization. Auto-Capitalization is good most of the time. Occasionally, you may need to turn off the Auto-Capitalization feature because it is causing problems in a document. Here is how you do that.


You can deactivate the Auto-Capitalization feature in the System Preferences area. Just click into the Keyboard Preference Pane.

System Preferences

Once in the Keyboard System Preference Pane, Click on the “Text” tab.

Text Pane

If you look at the settings in the right-side of the window, you will see the “Capitalize words automatically” setting.


All ou have to do is uncheck that box, and the Auto-Capitalization feature is deactivated.

Auto Off

That is all there is too it. You can go into the Keyboard Prefernce Pane to turn Auto-Capitalization back on whenver it works for you.

While I was writing this article, I realized it might be handy to have a Shortcut script performing this procedure. I might show how to do that in another article.


The Auto-Capitalization feature is helpful most of the time until it isn’t. It is easy to turn it off and back on again.