Turn Off Read Receipts Per Contact

You may know you can send Read Receipts using the Messages App in iOS, iPadOS and macOS. Read Receipts can come in handy as a general setting. However, there may be times when you want to turn off Read Receipts for specific individuals. This is possible to do in Apples operating systems.

Read Receipts iOS

This is what I am talking about. Here is the dilemma when it comes to Read Receipts.

Read receipts are small notifications that allow users to know when you’ve opened up your message app and looked at the message. On Apple devices, you can enable or disable read receipts on a case-by-case basis. For example, perhaps you want to let your spouse know when you’ve read their messages, but you don’t want to extend that privilege to an overbearing coworker.

If you wish to turn off Read Receipts in iOS, you have to go to the Messages App and tap on the persons photo or icon.


Once in this next screen, scroll down to the “Send Read Receipts” section.

Read Receipts On

All you have to do is toggle this setting off for that particular person.

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Once you do that, the Read Receipts are off for that particular individual.

Read Receipts macOS

You can also turn off Read Receipts on a per person basis in Messages on the Mac by clicking on the small “i” symbol in the upper-right corner of the window.

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You will see this small popup window.

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All you have to do is uncheck the “Send Read Receipts” box and you are all set.


Turning Read Receipts On or Off on a per person basis is easy to do.