Turn On MMS For Android Phones

Yes folks, there are people out there that use Android Smartphones. You may even know some of them! In the past, texting to people with Android phones was problematic. Those texting issues have been resolved. However, if you wish to text photos or videos to Android phones using Messages, you need to have MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) activated in iOS Settings. Here is how you do that.

Messages MMS 

Tap on Settings in iOS and scroll down and tap on the Messages App.

Messages Settings

When you are in this area, scroll down to MMS settings.

Scroll Down

Just make sure that “MMS Messaging” is toggled “ON”.


When you toggle MMS to “ON”, your photos and videos will get through to Android phones.


You may already have this setting activated, but it is not a bad idea to make sure MMS is turned “ON” in your iOS Settings.