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Many people have complained about the Auto-Correction feature of iOS 12. It seems to do more harm than good. It makes corrections at odd times and it usually corrects with correctly spelled words, but they are just the wrong words!! So, if you are willing to “boldly go where no man has gone before”, then just turn it off. Here is how you do that.


To turn off Auto-Correction go into the General Settings area:

General Keyboard
General Keyboard

Then tap on the Keyboard setting:

Auto Correction
Auto Correction

Then tap on the Auto-Correction setting to turn if off. You can adjust other settings as well if you are interested.

Here is an Email that I created in the Airmail App on my iPad Pro:

Email Correction
Email Correction


iOS still shows misspelled words, but it does not correct them for you. You can correct them manually later or as you type.

I have been typing on the iPad for quite a while without Auto-Correct and I really do not miss it. There is just less hassle without it. And, while we are on the subject, it is a big improvement in the Messages App.

It is a funny thing, but the Auto-Correct on the macOS seems to work pretty well compared to iOS. That is why I leave it activated on the Mac, but OFF on the iPad.



This is no big deal, but if you do a lot of typing on the iPad or your iPhone for that matter, you may find the Auto-Correct feature annoying. If that is the case, just turn it off. The world will not end and you may be a happier person.

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