Updates To All Apple OS’s

Apple has released updates to all of its operating systems. You should pay particular attention to the iOS and iPadOS updates, there are a slew of security fixes including a way to finally turn off Location Services. Also, Catalina has several security fixes along with a fix for Apple Mail losing peoples Email. That Email issue has been a problem for quite a while. As far as I can tell from reading online, that issue is fixed. I just want to mention one more thing. I always install the Combo Updater. However, as of this writing, the Combo Updater still points to the 10.15.2 update instead of the 10.15.3 update. If you prefer the App Store Delta Update, then I say go for it. I have used 10.15.3 in Beta mode for a while now, I don’t think it will give you any problems. For us Combo Updater people, we will just have to wait until later in the day.