Ventura Control Center Settings

I am continuing to explore the new System Settings in macOS Ventura. The more I interact with it, the more I see how much it has changed. There are two main things you will need to get used to here. First, just the overall look and feel of the sidebar list format, which is a definite improvement. Second, the placement of specific system settings in different areas than before. Apple has grouped things in a way that they think makes sense. Time will tell whether it does or not. One of those changes is the Control Center System Setting.

Control Center

The first thing Apple did was make Control Center a System Setting. Here are the settings that Apple has grouped in Control Center.

The new Control Center System Setting contains a bunch of stuff! It appears Apple combined things from two areas, the macOS Monterey menubar Control Center.

And, the macOS Monterey Dock & Menu Bar System Preference Pane.

As illustrated by the above Control Center image, you activate some settings by toggling a slider and some with a dropdown menu. There is no way I can cover all of these Settings here. Many are similar to macOS Monterey, and some have been tweaked to look and work a little differently.


I reiterate, I still really like having the System Settings the way Apple has designed it in macOS Ventura. However, it definitely is going to take some work to memorize the location of some things.