Ventura Privacy & Security Settings

If you interact with the macOS to any extent, then you are frequently in the Privacy and Security System Preferences area. I wanted to look at Privacy & Security in macOS Ventura. Much is the same as earlier versions of macOS, but there are some differences, as you would expect.

Privacy & Security

The Privacy & Security settings in macOS Monterey look like this.

Privacy Old

There is a lot of stuff in this area. As with most earlier versions of macOS, there is a tabbed interface.

Maintaining macOS Ventura’s list format, Privacy & Security is one big, long list.

Ventura Privacy

It contains the same things as earlier versions of macOS. The items are just displayed in a long list with no tabs.

There are a couple of differences, however. First, there is Lockdown Mode.


You should be sure to read the text describing what Lockdown Mode does. It is pretty drastic, but it might be something you would use occasionally.

If you look at the bottom of that window, you see the second difference from older versions of macOS. Apple has placed the Extensions settings in here in Ventura. In previous versions of macOS, Extensions had its own System Preference Pane.

Because Apple has seen fit to move all kinds of things into different areas in macOS Ventura, I have a suggestion. When you first start using System Settings in macOS Ventura, look in the upper-left corner of the window. There is a “Search” box! Instead of trying to find everything manually, type in the name of the item in the Search box. That might be the best way to do this. This way you can gradually learn where stuff is located.


The Privacy & Security area is consistent with the sweeping changes to System Settings in macOS Ventura.