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I wrote a review of the Weather Guru App from FIPLAB a few years ago. It is a neat little weather App if you need or wish to keep track of weather in your area or other parts of the country. I stopped using it for a while, depending on WeatherUnderground for my weather. But, WUnderground has gotten so flakey lately, I went back to using Weather Guru. I am glad I did, the latest version of this App is ‘new and improved’.

Weather Guru

Weather Guru resides in your menubar. It displays the current temperature and weather conditions like Sunny, Rain, etc. When you click on the menubar icon it displays the weather for several days and for the hours for each day that is selected:

Weather Guru Main Window

One of the new features I like is it now works in Dark Mode. It is so much easier for me to read in Dark Mode than Light Mode.  If you select a day on the bottom row, you can scroll through the hours of that day in the row just above it. When you move your mouse over an hour it displays what is happening or is going to happen at that hour:

Guru Hour Display

The display has added the “Fells Like” temperature from the older version of this App. That means a lot to people who live in colder climates like yours truly. 

The area that has changed the most though is Preferences. You can now access Preferences by clicking the gear symbol in the main window:


FIPLAB has added some thoughtful new Settings to the Weather Guru App. Here is the main Preferences Window:

Preferences Window

I really like the addition of “Show Weather Alerts” and “Show Precipitation Alerts”. Again, if you live in an area of the country that is capable of some dramatic weather, these features can come in handy. In my case, that would be Blizzards and Flash Floods. The addition of the “Temperature” setting (F or C) is nice as well as “Wind Speed”.  

FIPLAB also added the “Theme” setting at the bottom of the window:

Preferences Theme

I just leave it on “Automatic” which will display however your macOS System is set. In this case, that is Dark Mode of course.

You can buy Weather Guru direct from the FIPLAB website or from the App Store for $7.99. If you wish to keep track of your weather, I think it is worth the dinero, especially this ‘new improved’ version.


There are tons of Weather Apps in the Mac App Store. As far as I can tell, Weather Guru is one of the better ones. I highly recommend it.

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