I use many small Apps to enhance my daily Mac workflow. One of those Apps is WindowMizerizer from RGB World software. If you use several Apps on your Mac with many windows open, you would be a perfect fit for WindowMizer. There are other macOS window management Apps out there, but WindowMizer has a unique feature set. Here is a look at WindowMizer


WindowMizer costs $8 from the company website. It is not available in the App Store. Here is what the WindowMizer people have to say about their App.

WindowMizer is a Mac application that will “roll-up” your windows like a window shade. Simply double-click the title bar of a window, and WindowMizer sends that window to the Dock, leaving a placeholder title-bar on the screen. Double-click the title-bar again and the window is restored. No need to go digging through the Dock to restore a window you just minimized… it’s exactly where you left it!

It has many features for working with App windows, but I think people use the “roll-up” feature the most, I know I do.

Access to the WindowMizer App is from the macOS menubar.

The Preferences’ area contains all the functionality and settings for the App. The General Tab contains the usual App settings.

I am not going to cover all the settings available in WindowMizer. I just want to look at the main ones to give you a taste of what the App can do.

The Action Tab in the Minimize window contains most of the keyboard shortcuts.

I don’t use all of these. Occasionally, I will use the “Make Transparent” feature.

You can see the Desktop background in this transparent window. This is a handy feature if you want to see what is behind an App window. I also use the “Reduce to Thumbnail” command.

If you are working on a project in an App, it is handy to have a few window thumbnails off to the side out of your work area, but just a click away. There are many other minimizing features as you can see. You would have to decide what to use in your daily activities.

The Window Options Tab is handy for setting up how the previously mentioned features work.

The Thumbnail Windows Tab is used for setting up how thumbnail windows display.

As you can see, there is a great deal of available customization to WindowMizer. It really is a very versatile App.

Finally, I just wanted to mention the Applications Tab where you can set up how WindowMizer interacts with specific Apps.

There are other settings in the program, but I think I have covered many of the main ones.


WindowMizer is a neat little utility for interacting with App and Finder windows on your Mac. It definitely is worth the $8 price tag.