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I have been playing around in Yosemite with the usual functionality like the Finder, Printing, etc. I just setup my printers in 10.10 and all went well. However, some people are having problems getting certain printers to work in Yosemite. It seems like it is mostly printer driver issues, companies needing to update their drivers for Yosemite. The recommended fix is to delete the printer and set it up again.

When I first installed the Yosemite Beta it asked if I wanted to setup my Brother DCP 8065DN laser printer. I told it yes and it was setup automatically. The Brother 8065 is a fairly old multifunction laser printer, but the OS handled it seamlessly. 

However, it apparently did not see my Brother MFC-J425W color inkjet printer. So I decided to set it up manually. I went into the Printers & Scanners Pref Pane (very similar to Mavericks by the way) and then clicked on the “+” button in the bottom left corner of the window:

Screen Shot 2014 08 05 at 11 44 42 AM

When I did, it asked me to choose the printer:

Screen Shot 2014 08 05 at 11 45 01 AM

The only one available to me was the Brother MFC multifunction. Once I chose this printer Yosemite went about setting it up:

Screen Shot 2014 08 05 at 11 45 11 AM

I assume it either has the drivers builtin or downloads them. Either way, this process took about 30 seconds. And then,

Screen Shot 2014 08 05 at 11 50 11 AM

my Brother inkjet was setup. I have printed to both of these printers from within Yosemite and all seems to work well. Of course, YMMV with whatever printers you have. By the way, the print window looks pretty much the same as Mavericks except it is different cosmetically.

Screen Shot 2014 08 04 at 11 03 42 AM

As far as I can tell, the print options are very similar to previous Mac OS’s as well. Hopefully, when you do jump into Yosemite, printing and printer setup will work seamlessly for you. Just one less thing to worry about.


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